Pick Your Own
Pick your own Strawberries is weather permitting usually
starting in January and going through May. You will have to
pay for all the Strawberries you pick, they are $2.25 per
pound and can be paid for with cash, credit, or check. You
must purchase one of our Froberg Buckets and they are
$1.00 each (cash only). The buckets can be used every
time you come to pick. No outside containers are allowed.
The hours for picking are from 9am-5pm 7 days a week,
weather permitting so check the website or call before
coming out.
The buckets hold about 5
pounds if you fill the bucket
to the top of the rim.
When you come to
pick strawberries you
will have to listen to
the rules before you
go to the field to pick.
Our rules are for your
safety and the
safety of our farm.
Froberg's Farm.
All rights reserved.
right to close the
strawberry patch at
anytime due to weather or
Public Picking Strawberry Update:
Strawberry Patch is Closed for the Season
check back about the middle of January 2016

Thank You for supporting us this Season